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Cool Links September 25, 2007

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Many architects struggle when faced with the possibility of compromising their own vision for that of a client’s. Ingo Pott and his practice’s multidisciplinary approach however, invite the minds of creative professionals in hopes they may provide additional stimulus in designs.  Every aspect of their body of work centers around the philosophy that cultural exchange generates creativity. 

House W considers the changing needs of a growing family by including space to come together and space to spend individually. Pott Architects tend to draw from an eastern mentality with respect to time and place.  Both the structure and the surrounding environment are treated as one, and effectively, the design for each private house, including this one, could not be constructed anywhere but it’s present setting.  Architect Urlich Hamann effortlessly placed the house in the surrounding environment, and perhaps established a design philosophy carried through in subsequent projects. 





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